City Council Meeting

                                                             February 21, 2017

                                                                   7:00 p.m.





Gothenburg City Council meetings are conducted in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.  The Open Meetings Act is posted on the north wall of the Council Chambers for public reference.


1.)  Roll Call

2.)  7:00 p.m. Public Hearing - Approve Revised Award for CDBG #16-HO-33067
                        Hearing Information


3.)  Approval of consent agenda:
            a.)  City Council minutes - February 7 and February 16
            b.)  Building Report - January
            c.)  Treasurer's Report - January


4.)  Approval of City and Public Works Division claims & January 8 payroll
                City Claims            PWD Claims


5.)  Community Comments



6.)  Discussions:
            a.)  Approval of automatic liquor license renewals
            b.)  Review proposals for downtown planters and award contract
                          Proposal from Kennedy Landscape Services  Sun1  Sun2  Shade
            c.)  Charles McGraw - Resolution for funding 2017-18 for Ryde Transit
                            Request for Funds    Proposed Resolution   
            d.)  Award Contract for Project Administration for CDBG #16-HO-33067
                            Dawson Area Development Proposal
            e.)   Approve Program Guidelines Amendment for CDBG #16-HO-33067  (Postponed)
            f.)  Approve Pay request #3 to Adams Civil Resources - 4th Street Drainage - $47,201.10
                            Pay Request
            g.)  Approve Change Order #2 to Adams Civil Resources - 4th Street Drainage - $11,577.00
                            Change Order

              h.) Discussion of purchase of property for solar system project (possible executive session)

The Council will review the above matters and take such action as they deem appropriate.