City Council Meeting

                                                             September 19, 2017

                                                                   7:00 p.m.





Gothenburg City Council meetings are conducted in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.  The Open Meetings Act is posted on the north wall of the Council Chambers for public reference.


1.)  Roll Call


2.)  Approval of consent agenda:


            a.)  City Council minutes – September 5, 6

            b.)  Treasurer's Report - August

            c.)  Planning & Zoning minutes - July 11

            d.)  Building permits report - July & August



3.)  Approval of City and Public Works Division claims & September 6 payroll

                        City Claims             PWD Claims


4.)  Community Comments  Ira Suhr
                                                     Council Retreat Date
                                           Ave. J

5.)  Discussions:


            a.)  3rd / final reading Model Ordinances - Reading of Titles
                        Ordinance #943 regarding alcoholic beverages by 16 years or older
                        Ordinance #944 regarding alcoholic beverages and occupation taxes
                        Ordinance #945 regarding alcoholic beverages licensee requirements
                        Ordinance #946 regarding alcoholic beverages acquisition & possession
                        Ordinance #947 regarding alcoholic beverages retail sales
                        Ordinance #948 regarding City Council members
                        Ordinance #949 regarding criminal mischief
                        Ordinance #950 relating to gambling
                        Ordinance #951 regarding public ways
                        Ordinance #952 regarding prostitution
                        Ordinance #953 regarding dead or diseased trees
                        Ordinance #954 regarding vehicle operation
                        Ordinance #955 regarding weeds, litter and stagnant water
                        Ordinance #956 regarding animals
                        Ordinance #957 regarding elections

            b.)  Trash Hauler's Franchise Agreement

                      Proposed Agreement
c.)   Agreement with NPPD regarding transfer of power purchase under PURPA from renewable energy sources
                      Proposed Agreement        Customer Generated Q&A  NPPD Presentation

d.) Approve pay request #3 for 2017 Street Improvements - Paulsen, Inc. - $87,010.20

e.)  Gothenburg Public School - Parade request for Homecoming Pep Rally

f.)    Approve Contract for lead based paint – OOR - #16-HO-33067
        Proposal      Contract

g.)   Approve Contract for Housing Management – OOR -#16-HO-33067
        Proposal    Contract

h.)  Acknowledgment of insurance settlement regarding tort claim – Liliana Venegas

i.)  Ordinance amending School Speed Zones



The Council will review the above matters and take such action as they deem appropriate.

Rules Regarding Passage of an Ordinance on One Reading