City Council Meeting

                                                            August 20, 2019

                                                                5:30 P.M.   




Gothenburg City Council meetings are conducted in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.  The Open Meetings Act is posted on the north wall of the Council Chambers for public reference.


1)  Roll Call

)  Approval of consent agenda:

            a)  Council Minutes - August 6

            b)  Treasurer's Report - July

3)  Approval of City and Public Works Division claims & July 14 payroll
                    City Claims            PWD Claims


4)  Community Comments


5)  Discussions:

            a)    Project 2020 - Water and Street Improvements 
            b)    Appeal Hearing - Potentially Dangerous Dog Determination - Arnold Willis
                            Citation    Notice of Declaration    Written Statement    Report    Picture 1    Picture 2 

c)    Appoint Fireman - Nick Spiegel     
            d)    Approve payment of $707.71 to CDS Inspections for OOR 16-HO-33067
                            Proposed Invoice

            e)    Approve payment of $5,500.00 to GOTH06 & Langemeier Heating & Cooling
                            Proposed Claim
            f)    Approve payment of $6,500.00 to GOTH01 & DeMilts Construction
                            Proposed Claim
            g)    Approve payment of $80.00 to GOTH02 & Mike's Sanitation
                            Proposed Claim
            h)    Approve Drawdown #10 for OOR - 16-HO-33067 - $12,787.71
            i)    Resolution 2019-11 - Signing of the Municipal Annual Certification Program Complaince
                            Proposed Resolution

The Council will review the above matters and take such action as they deem appropriate.

Rules Regarding Passage of an Ordinance on One Reading