Elected Offices

The City of Gothenburg is represented by a Mayor and four City Council Members. The Mayor is elected at-large to four-year terms. Council members are also elected to four-year terms from wards; which are the East Ward and the West Ward. There are two Council Persons (one from each ward) elected every two years.

Mayor and City Council

Mayor Will Rahjes
Jeff Kennedy
Verlin Janssen
Jay Richeson
J Buddenberg

Airport Authority

Mike Bacon
Dave Collins
Richard Fiese
Lori Hoesel
Dean Kugler
Roger Tederman

Standing Committees and Boards
Board of Adjustment Term Cemetery Board Term
Dan Yancy 2024 Connie Sitorius 2024
Linda Rodine 2024 Dee Miller 2024
Dick Nelson 2024 Brent Block 2025
Kent Kline – Alternate 2025 Kim Kitzing 2026
Hal Fecht (P & Z Rep) 2026 Ervin Haynes 2026
Linda Bowman 2026
Board of Health Housing Authority Term
Will Rahjes, Mayor Kyle Fornoff 2024
Chief Randell Olson Cindy Soller 2024
Jeff Kennedy Joni Birnie 2025
Dr. Garret Shaw Jill Rubenthaler 2026
Brennon Malcom 2027
Chevas Shaw 2028
Library Board Term Planning/Zoning Committee Term
Ernie Blecha 2024 Roger Koehler 2024
Sue Ostergard 2024 Hal Fecht 2025
Mary Lou Clark 2025 Jo Fuller 2025
Shanna Keiser 2026 Marcy Slack 2025
Rita Thomalla 2027 Logan Ricely 2026
Jason Wagner 2026
Tanner Focken 2026
Park & Recreation Board Tree Board Term
Ellen Mortensen 2024 Dave Zorn 2024
Alec Foster 2024 Dan Frerichs 2025
Marc Mroczec 2024 Kim Slack 2025
Alicia Knust 2024 Nate Baker (C) 2025
Kayla Paul 2024 Mark Brand 2025
Jeff Kennedy 2026
Kathleen Hartman 2026
Community Redevelopment Authority Term
LB 840 Citizen’s
Advisory Committee
Joyce Hudson 2024 Travis Anderson
Joe Libal 2025 Morgan Fornoff
Randy Waskowiak 2025 Mishayla Freburg
Aaron Colwell 2026 Dave Zorn
Dr. Ashton Hecox 2027 Mikael Harrop
City Administrator Ex-Off
City Clerk Ex-Off
City Administrator (S)
Morgan Fornoff 2026
Other Current Committees
Downtown Revitalization Committee
Anne Anderson
Gary Greer
Joyce Hudson
Jeff Kennedy
Steve Peterson
Tim Strauser
Andrea McClintoc