Please be responsible for the cleanup of your sidewalks. Thank you.

It shall be unlawful for the occupant of any lot or lots, or the owner of any vacant lot or lots within the corporate limits, to allow snow, sleet, mud, ice, or other substance to accumulate on the sidewalks, or to permit any snow, sleet, ice, mud, or other substance to remain upon the sidewalk. All sidewalks within the business district shall be cleaned within five hours after the cessation of a storm, unless the storm or fall of snow shall have taken place during the night, in which case the sidewalk shall be cleaned before 8:30 a.m. the following day; provided, sidewalks within the residential areas of the city shall be cleaned within 24 hours after the cessation of the storm.

(Neb. RS 17-557) (Prior Code, § 8-201)