The City promotes the use of recycling through the Lexington Area Solid Waste Agency
(LASWA). As we work with LASWA in the processing of recyclables, it should be important to
remember that recyclables are not trash; and the depositing of items other than what can be
accepted (trash) jeopardizes our ability to provide this service. Please be respectful of this
opportunity and do it right! If not done correctly on a continual basis, this service may no
longer be available.

LASWA would like to accept all possible recyclables, but labor and market availability to
move some items is just not feasible. Following is more information of what is currently
acceptable and any requirements in how recyclables need to be prepared prior to depositing:

1. Corrugated Cardboard (OCC) – (cardboard with the wavy folds within) Also acceptable with
OCC are egg cartons, and paper bags. We are not able to accept the following items
sometimes included with the OCC:
a. Plastic in any form,
b. Styrofoam (often used as packing),
c. Paper board (cereal boxes, shoe boxes, poster-board, pop, or beer boxes)
d. No waxed or plastic coated boxes are allowed.
e. Any other item

2. Newspaper – May include magazines, phone books, junk mail, advertising flyers and office
paper (white only-NO carbon paper or bright colors) We are not able to accept the
following items sometimes included with Newspaper:
a. Plastic bags
b. Paper bags
c. Banding material such as twine, wire, or plastic
d. Any other items

3. Plastics #1 through #7 and Pop Bottles (The number inside the triangle recycle emblem)
Remove all lids. Drain and rinse all contents. We do not accept the following items:
a. Any other plastic is not accepted, which may include Styrofoam, siding,
hubcaps, toys, IV bags or plastic bags, etc. If there is not a number
between #1 and #7 – it is not acceptable with exception of #1 bottles
that may not be marked (pop bottles).

4. Tin Cans –All contents shall be removed and the cans rinsed. Place lids in cans and pinch

5. Aluminum cans – Only beverage cans are able to be recycled. NO ALUMINUM SCRAP.

RECYCLING IS IMPORTANT! Your cooperation with presorting the recyclable materials will
help to continue to make this service available. Thank You, City of Gothenburg and LASWA.