Welcome to the Finance Page of the City. As with any large corporation, the city’s finances are important to us all. If you have any questions in regard to the City’s finances, please contact Misty Bussinger, City Clerk/Treasurer for more information. The Clerk’s office is located at Gothenburg City Hall at 409 9th Street. The Clerk’s phone number is 308-537-3677.

The City Administrator shall act as the City’s Fiscal Officer, which includes the preparation and presentation of all budgets for departments and presenting the same to the Mayor and Council. The City Administrator is also responsible for the Management’s Discussion and Analysis incorporated into each annual audit. Any questions regarding the financial viability of the City should be directed to the City Administrator Gary Greer. The Administrator’s Office is located at Gothenburg City Hall at 409 9th Street. The Administrator’s phone number is 308-537-3677.


There are many documents located in the Document Center on this website. Some documents include:

  • Annual Treasurer’s Report
  • Audits
  • Management’s Discussion and Analysis